We Give Back
to kids in need

We donate $1 to charity every time you buy

Your Choice = Change

We partner with i=change, so that you get to choose which of these three life-changing charities your purchase helps us to support.  

Support a child to recover

$50 helps Australian Childhood Foundation to provide one-on-one therapeutic counselling to Australian kids recovering from abuse, helping them heal and feel safe and empowered.

Bring joy to sick kids

$39 allows the Starlight Foundation to give one sick child access to the Starlight Express Room for a year, helping sick kids forget thier illness and rediscover the joy of childhood. 

Help tiny babies survive

$3 empowers Adara Development to train a midwife for a day, to help end preventable newborn death in Uganda, and save lives of some of the 15 million babies born too soon every year. 

Why these charities?

"We believe every child should have an opportunity for adventure, fun and connection; and to learn positive messages about themselves and their potential.

Through i=Change, we can support kids facing enormous challenges, to thrive, be empowered and find joy."

Kate Causon - Founder

How It Works

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