Top 5 tips for a rad adventure with your little explorer!

1. Pick where you’d like to go

There are probably a million places you haven’t visited in a while thanks to Auntie 'Rona!

Involve the kids in deciding where to go - offer some options, with a little recap on what they might see there! Encourage them to choose and tell you why they’d like to go to that particular place!

Get out some maps or walking guides to really drum up the suspense for your little ones!

2. Preparation is key!

The night before or the morning you leave, ask your little explorers to pick their favourite adventure outfit and then help you pack all the goodies they’ll be snacking on the way.

Pack a steaming thermos of hot choc and your best camping mugs and ready those back-packs - it’s nearly time to get lost in the wilderness!

If you’ve got them on hand, slip in a small notebook and pencils for each little explorer to make field notes while on the track!

3. Set a naturalist’s challenge 

Encourage your little explorers to learn 3 different bird calls while on your adventure, or find 3 different flowers, leaves or even animal poo! There are no limits to what you could encourage them to discover here!

For the littlest tots - keep it simple and help point out the noises and colours of the bush. They'll probably be busy discovering everything anyway, without needing much encouragement!

4. Find the perfect picnic spot 

It’s time to get out the snacks and dive into that wild hot choc! Go through all those field notes or observations your little ones have been so clever to make!

5. Reflect

At dinner, hold some time for reflecting on the day and ask your little ones what they learned and most enjoyed about their big adventure.

Make a mental note and look to creating your next adventure based on their responses!

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Photography:  @finleyandmama

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