Welcome to Wild Island Co. We create timeless, quality, unisex clothing designed for your family to embrace everyday outdoor adventures. 

Who are we?

I am Olivia Cosh, I grew up in a small country town in northern NSW called Moree. I went on and spent my schooling years in Sydney and stayed on for some years afterwards.
After moving back to Moree NSW in 2020, it has lead me to this Wild Island adventure that began for me in 2021 which I intent to to run from my family's property.

 From a very young age, I knew that I was destined to own my own children’s clothing business as I had a genuine love for all things relating to children, especially their adventurous lifestyle. Combining my rural upbringing with my years completing education in the city, I was given the unique opportunity to observe an obvious gap in the children’s clothing market, in both settings, for not only stylish and practical clothing but products that incorporated the flair & charm of both worlds.

 With the social shift towards fast fashion in recent years, I too have noticed that the overall quality of clothing available for children has deteriorated. As a preschool teacher myself, I am constantly surrounded by my intended audience and taking note of various items of clothing that are not only practical but sustainable in the quality of the garment that can then be passed from sibling to sibling and generation to generation.

This is my vision for Wild Island, and I hope to continue to create durable, quality clothing whereby I can offer parents a premium product for their little ones, with the simple ethos to ultimately allow them to buy quality clothing that is suitable for all adventures.  


What makes Wild Island Apparel different?

Adventure Ready

Adventures don’t have to be extreme or far from home – to us, it’s about being open to new experiences, and exploring the trails, riverbanks and rockpools ‘off the beaten track’.  This means stylish clothes that can be worn wherever you’re going, that are durable (and very easy care) so you’re ready for whatever incidental adventures arise along the way.

Gender Neutral (without the boring)

We believe that boys and girls should be empowered to explore the world around them, to climb that tree or roll down that hill, without being restricted by gender stereotypes, or limited to boring typical ‘outdoors’ clothing.  

What Mama Disrupt had to say about us

It’s been a wild ride launching and growing our brand and we’re thrilled that national magazine, Mama Disrupt have featured our story in their Wellness issue!  If you didn't pick up a copy, you can read the story here.
Wild Island Apparel Mama Disrupt Article July 2019 

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