Mamas share why they love twinning and how to find time for adventure

As you might know by now, here at Wild Island, we love a bit of #twinning, for mamas of daughters or sons, and for the dads too!  So with our mama + mini Wildling Overalls already in so many of your wardrobes, and our best-selling grown up and kids matching Windswept Pullovers about to be released, we chatted to some of our favourite mamas to find out why it is that they love matching with thier little ones.

From building a sense of connection and togetherness with thier kids, looking like a 'unit', or just having fun together, to the compliments they got from others, these mamas have found they love twinning too!

They also talked to us about how to create space for slowing down and finding time for everyday adventures in between the busy-ness of life.


"The smile that I received the first time we were matching was the best thing ever" - Racheal

Rachael and her sons Cooper and Jackson live just out of Toowoomba in Queensland, and love finding opportunities for connection and adventure in those little moments amongst a busy life. 

What’s your favourite thing about your lifestyle?

We lead a very busy lifestyle. I work full-time as a high school teacher, my oldest boy has just started year 2 and my youngest attends daycare full time. But I wouldn’t change it for anything. We value every moment that we spend together. 

How do you find opportunities for adventure in the everyday?

I am lucky that I have two very imaginative young boys because adventure for us doesn’t always have to mean leaving the house. We can spend hours playing hide and seek, building cubbies or even just acting out some of our favourite ‘adventure’ stories at home. 

When we do get out and about though, we always head to our local national park. Here we can visit the waterfall, collect rocks and sticks (my oldest is always looking for the perfect sling shot stick), and search for a gruffalo. 

Mama and son twinning in thier Wild Island Apparel overalls

What do you love most about matching with your sons?

I actually never thought about wearing matching clothes with the boys. But the smile that I received the first time we were matching completely changed my view. For them, it was the best thing ever. 

I’m definitely looking forward to getting some more matching outfits (I may have already gotten us matching Christmas pajamas for next Christmas already). 

Racheal and her little boy are wearing the ash blue mama and mini wildling overalls.  You can see more from Rachael at @mumma_and_her_cooks where she shares plenty of play ideas, tips for working towards living more sustainably, and lots of beautiful photos of thier outdoor adventures. 

 "Outdoor adventures are an absolute must in our family" - Kate Weiland

Kate Weiland is a mum of three and has a self confessed obsession with matching with her litttle girl.  Plus she shares the most incredible and creative twinning and whole family matching photos on her instagram page at @Kweilz . They're based in Canada and love the outdoors almost as much as we do, it just looks a little bit different in thier climate!  

#kwielz #twinning in wild island apparel

What adventures do you love to go on with your kids?

"Outdoor adventures are an absolute must in our family.  We have decided this winter to really embrace the beautiful (but very cold) Canadian weather and start to ski and snowboard as a family.  In Canada, people have to find a way to enjoy the short days but long season.  We’ll do lots of sledding and skating as well!"

What do you love most about matching with your kids?

"I love that you really look like a ‘unit’ when you are matching.  Plus - taking pics and having them as keepsakes is the perfect way to blackmail them when they turn into teenagers!"

Kate and her kids wear the amber mama and mini Wild Island Wildling Overalls.  For some twinining and creative photography inspo from Kate, find her on instagram at @kweilz 


"Adventure is around every corner you just need to look!" - Michelle Elizabeth  

Michelle is a mother to a beautiful little boy, and has recently moved from Queensland to Tassie in search of a slower lifestyle. She says that at the moment everything is an adventure! 

How do you spend your days since the move?

"My husband and I both work part time (him as a lawyer, myself in child protection) now and spend the rest of our days setting up our hobby farm and going on family adventures."

What’s your favourite thing about your lifestyle?

"I am a big believer in play based and experiential learning so that is a big focus when engaging with our son. We are in the process of creating our dream life we’ve been working so hard for and it feels amazing to be so close to our goal!"


How do you find opportunities for adventure in the everyday? 

"At the moment we try to go out on a big adventure (like a hike, etc) fortnightly with the other weekend being spent on renovations and farm set up. I guess for us at the moment everything is an adventure as we are new to the area and still exploring it.

But long term I think being flexible, open to experiences and being involved in the local community to see what events are happening. Adventure is around every corner you just need to look!"

What do you love most about matching with your little one?

"As a mum with a son it’s been a little hard to find matching outfits so I’ve fallen in love with the Wild Island brand as it’s totally gender neutral so we can all wear the exact same item!

I thinks it’s lovely to have your kids look up at you and realise they’re in the same clothes and it increases that sense of togetherness on adventures. We’ve also had lots of positive comments while out as a family in our matching pullovers."

Michelle and her son (and husband) wear the Wild Island Windswept Pullovers in mist grey, which will be back in stock in March (together with some new colours!)
See more from Michelle and thier slower paced Tassie hobby farm life at @michelle_elizabeth__

Thank you to these beautiful mamas for sharing with us!   

If you'd like to see more from any of them, they'd love to connect with you on instagram!  And if you'd like more twinning and adventure inspo, we'd love to hear from you too - at @wildisland.apparel or follow our journey via email at the link below. 

Otherwise, if you'd like to get on board and do a little bit of twinning yourself, you can shop the range here.  

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