Garment care that makes busy family life easier



Wild Island Co is all about fitting adventures (big or small) into your everyday family life. But we also know how busy family life can get! So it's important to us that our clothing designs help with this lifestyle.

That was one of the reasons all of our knitted pieces are 100% cotton. 

A lot of people ask about how to wash the knitted pullovers, and the good news is they are so easy to care for! 

Whether it's food, mud, paint or any general dirt, just pop them into the washing machine with everything else (no special settings or detergent needed) and they come out like new every time.

Cotton makes them so soft to wear and just washes so well everytime, so you don't have to take any extra time or care in your busy life. 

For extra information on our pullovers, you can look at the adults sizes here:

and the kids sizes here:

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