The lives you're changing through Be Hers

Wild Island Co matching windswept pullovers mama and baby knitted jumpers supporting be hers

Our special edition Wild Oat Windswept Pullovers for mama and baby are pretty special - not just because you can match with your baby, but because $15 from every set is changing lives of children and women and helping to end slavery and human trafficking of women and young girls.  

Australian charity, Be Hers, inspires and empowers everyday women like you and me to use our freedom to fight for thiers. 

Here's one story of the lives Be Hers is changing. 


Be Hers - this is why we do this story of Cambodian children saved from trafficking

We're so honoured to have been able to team up with Melody and her team from Be Hers and Eliza of @taslifewithmyboys to have designed this special edition 'wild oat' sandy peachy perfect colour pullover for women and babies, and that by purchasing them you're able to support the incredible work of this Australian charity and turn around the lives of children like these.

Be Hers charity to end human trafficking of women and young girls

Be Hers - 45million people live in modern day slavery

You've helped us raise $970.00 to go directly to thier work so far, through sales of our Wild Oat Windswept Pullovers. 

Help us continue the fight against human trafficking. 

To support the work of Be Hers Foundation, read more at or shop our special edition mama and baby knitted jumpers here: 

Shop the Grown Up Wild Oat Windswept Pullover


Shop the Baby  Wild Oat Windswept Pullover 

Wild Island Co baby_cotton_knit_jumper_wildoat

Be Hers - because of you she is free

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